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 helping you to help others
What we do
Affordable Solutions
Providing software solutions for any budget.

Custom Software
Creating software to do exactly what you need.

Data Warehousing
Storing data and files electronically.

Technology Integration
Barcode Readers, Magnetic Swipe Readers, Electronic Signatures, etc.

Telephone Integration
Integrating voice and text messaging with software.

Why we're Different
We provide software, whether ready-made or custom designed, as well as integrate it with the latest technologies. Our software is designed to give you the flexability and options you need, while still being easy to use and effective. In today's constantly changing world of computers we constantly update and improve our systems with the latest trends, technologies, and needs. We do not design our software based on what we think you want, but instead on what you actually need. Our ready-made software was designed around the needs of exisiting agencies. Our designers went to the agencies and worked with them to see what they needed. They observed how they operated and then designed the software around them. And this is the same process we follow when we create custom software solutions. This makes our software effective while still being easy to use.
About Us
Solutions By Software, Inc. is based in Naples, Florida. We specialize in creating web based (cloud) software solutions for agencies and organization which provide assistance to the community.